A Lesson In Seduction With AudreyRyen


A good schoolgirl is always looking for someone to help expand her knowledge, as well as practice what she’s learned so far. Be it through a test, a class presentation, or simply, a closed-door rehearsal of her topics of interest.

It is this last bit that AudreyRyen focuses on, as she’s learned a great deal on matters of the naughty variety, as evidenced by her impeccable uniform that has a short skirt and a black bra that does all to try to show just a little bit more with all the lace and strategic openings, and she uses this outfit as a tool of seduction to unleash her very own naughty side that lets her play and be just a little revealing, enough to entice and get the party started, because something else naughty schoolgirls love, is a good party, especially if they’re the center of attention, and all eyes are on AudreyRyen as she struts her stuff and lets lust come into her room, hoping to catch a glimpse of her new teacher, the one who will help her expand on her coquettish expertise.

AudreyRyen Writes:

Passst! I can be your naughty kitten


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