AltStar Magazine 5 – Masuimi Max, Doom Whiskey, and Hexxx


The new AltStar Magazine, issue 5, is in and boy does it pack a punch! It’s got everyone from Masuimi Max to Vicious Feline, some Sartre, Marquise, a Hexxx, and even a whiskey from Burning Angel! That, my friends, just scratches the surface of AltStar Magazine.

First, I have to say I am a huge fan of the magazine. I love the slick layout and the interviews. I found ViciousFeline photospread pretty interesting. We all know VisciousFeline is a killer inked goddess, but what I didn’t know is how big of a gamer she is. After watching her Twitch, I learned a thing or two about Monster Hunter: World. That’s just one example of the nuggets you will find in the issue. One cool aspect of AltStar Magazine is, even the people I have interviewed before, I still learned something new and exciting about them.

I’ve interviewed Masuimi Max before and I learned more than a few cool things in the Arctic Phoenix (no relation…I think?!) interview. The interview starts out with Masuimi Max in this killer Elvira throwback with a skull handbag of which I am rather jealous. Did you know she was in the tv pilot for GLOW (Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling)? That’s right, folks, just when you think Masuimi Max couldn’t get any cooler, she bodyslams right through the preconceptions of her! I loved GLOW growing up in my errmm, more ‘informative’ years. I can’t wait to see this pilot. If I can find the live version of Clerks with Jim Breuer, I can find GLOW! BadMax party at my house, y’all! You bring the popcorn and I’ll bring the…Burning Angel whiskey?!

That’s right! Burning Angel is back and they have whiskey! Just when you think Joanna Angel couldn’t get hotter, I find out that not only does she have a ‘choose your own adventure’ erotica book, Night Shift, but she, with Small Hands, launched a whiskey, Doom’s American Rye Whiskey. I’ll have to admit, I want to try both out–just to review, purely for scientific purposes, of course. I can’t imagine how great this whiskey will be. I hear great things about it (and the book!). If anyone in SexyFandom land gets their hands or mouth on either of these before Uncle Jimbo can, drop me a line! I need details! Speaking of Burning Angel, if you loved Charlotte Sartre’s work in the Addams Family spoof, then you should check Ella DKay‘s interview with her. She’s a smart cookie (dude, she studied accounting and taxation as a business plan for her career in porn!) and the photos are well worth the price of admission.

I’d be sorely amiss if I didn’t mention Morat is in this issue, too! Maybe it’s the Las Vegan in me, or the Punk, or the love of fantasy and sci-fi novels, or just the love of kick-ass photography, but I love Morat! Did you know he had two books out? The Road to Fero City and The Road to Roo Inn? I’m feeling like a slacker now, but that’s easy to do next to Morat. So many talented people in the Sexy family. By the way, you need to check out his photo with Lemmy. It sums everything up brilliantly.

Marlo Marquise is a new name to me. I loved this article by Ginny Gore (and the photos by Bob Coulter). Burlesque. Several of my friends have done this (re: Growing up in Vegas), but what makes Marlo unique is the mixture of Fakir in with her act. Knives and Girls? That’s seduction at its highest form. If you get a chance to see one of her shows, do it! From what I hear, Stairway to Machetes is as cool as the name implies.

Last but definitely not least is Jenevieve Hexxx photographed by Amelia G and Forrest Black. This ActFree interview…sorry, I started to type something out and then my eyes stuck to the work by BlueBlood’s Amelia G and Forrest Black. We have so many ultra-talented photographers in one issue, it’s amazing to be around this much art. Jenevieve looks fantastic in these. Her ink pops right off the page (oh, and to that hipster tattoo artist who said ‘only posers call tattoos ink’, suck it. I’ve had mine for more years than you were alive and got it in an MC garage). I love her hand art. Yes, the entire package is remarkable, but there’s something about the hand art that pops for me. I think it is the mixture of shading and colours, both of which are hard to do for a hand, that stands out. I’m not going to spoil the shot, but good golly that’s a mighty big toy by Mr. Hankey.

That’s it! That isn’t all, but that’s all I can fit into the post here! There is plenty of stuff for you to discover and for a price of a Starbucks Frappe, you can own your slick digital or print piece of erotic history right here. AltStar magazine is one of the premiere magazines for fans who demand that something extra. It is a beautifully shot and intelligently written (hey, AltPorn Awards are coming up…I wonder if they will have a reviewer/writer category, eh?!). If you are interested in getting to know the person behind the photos, then this is the magazine for you. I love it and I look forward to the next issue.


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