Is That Rin? Yes It’s Rin.


Some may argue that this type of cosplay is purely fan service or purely for popularity. However, I beg to differ. A good cosplay photograph is a combination of art and technique and as far as art goes, there are no rules.

This Rin Tohsaka(Fate/Stay Night) photo set by Sakuramomo is an example of that. For some reason she and her photographer have decided that their artistic approach to this scantily clad cosplay is to photograph it without showing the face which creates an air of mystery and curiosity for those who view it. Yes, this also focuses more on the cosplayers body, but if you put your tainted minds aside for a second, you’ll realize this also shines the spotlight on the costume and its beauty.

One of the key elements when photographing cosplay is capturing the tiny details. Cosplays costumes tend to be detailed and oftentimes this is less appreciated when the photograph is taken in a wide angle. And with those angles, often times the first thing that people tend to notice more is whether or not the cosplayer has a pretty face. But this photoset is obviously different from that in one way or another.


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