Ardent Saber Cosplay by Cheryl


Fate/Stay Night is something that requires no further introduction with all the merchandise and cosplay-releated things littered all over the internet. In fact, here’s another wonderful cosplay from the franchise!

What makes a good cosplay? Derived from the term costume and roleplay, it simply refers to a person’s ability to accurately dress up and portray as much likeness as they can to a chosen character. By that definition, it’s easy to spot what is a cosplay, but what makes a good cosplay is that it goes beyond its definition. Take Cheryl‘s cosplay of Saber from the Fate/Stay series as an example.

Prominent cosplayers like Cherly understand that when it comes to immortalizing cosplay, it should be more than just a likeness being photographed. A cosplay photograph should communicate something about the nature of the character. What better way to show this than by having the facial expression as a main ingredient to a successful photoshoot.


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