Racy Shimakaze Cosplay


Can you keep up with Shimakaze? Nope! So enjoy they view of her back while she leaves you in the dust, or should I say, while she leaves you all watered-down literally and figuratively because no one is as fast as this destroyer.

Just when you thought you’ve run out of Shimakaze goodies, this cosplay pops up and proves you wrong. Meet Taiwanese cosplayer, Aku, who is responsible for this fetching cosplay of Kantai Collection’s Shimakaze.

As a cosplayer, Aku has always enjoyed interacting with people who have similar interests. According to her, “If (you are) willing to chat with me, I will be happy.” Even though Aku cannot understand most foreign languages, she tries her best to give a proper answer to those who want to talk to her.

If you’re interested in following Aku and her cosplays be sure to check out her social media accounts:

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