Racy Patchouli Knowledge Cosplay


As a gamer and a cosplayer, Touhou Project, is a golden egg. The games are a good pastime. Not to mention the books, music, light novels, manga and even the doujins are great material. Touhou’s characters are made with such rich biographies that there are just tons of ideas and franchise that can spring from it.

Touhou also has a huge number of characters and for some cosplayers, having a lot of characters from a popular genre to choose from is just marvellous. Cosplayer, Kamw, who is known for cosplaying game characters certainly has not put that opportunity to waste when she decided to cosplay Patchouli Knowledge. Patchouli is a magician who has the ability to manipulate fire, water, wood, metal, earth, sun, and moon. Don’t be fooled by her young looks, she’s actually about a hundred years old. Despite her great abilities, Patchouli has poor health and this dampens her abilities.


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