Captivating Oriental Vocaloid Cosplay By Ely


Just when you thought you’ve seen all of the Vocaloid cosplays, here comes Ely to prove you otherwise with a cosplay of Vocaloid masscot, Luo Tiyanyi.

We’ve dealt with bootleg Vocaloids before and some were even thought to be originals for a brief amount of time until ultimately discovered to be a poor imitation of the Vocaloid franchise because let’s face it, there have been many who have attempted to replicate it.

But here comes Chinese Vocaloid, Luo Tiyani, who is anything but an unofficial copy! Stereotypes and biased judgement might have arisen at first due to its place of origin, however, she is legit! In 2012 a contest titled “Vocaloid China” was held for the design of the first Chinese Vocaloid. Eventually the vocaloid designed by Yayin Gongyu ranked first among the top 5 entries. This Vocaloid was revealed to have the name Luo Tiyani and became part of the mascots released for VOCALOID3.


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