Yae Sakura Cosplay Makes A Lot Of Impact

If cute characters, HD graphics, and sexy Valkyries are your kind of thing then this next-generation addictive mobile anime game is probably for you.

With around 35 million downloads all over Asia and garnering more attention after making its North America debut, it is no surprise that the mobile game, Honkai Impact 3, has not only garnered itself the attention of gamers but of cosplayers as well including Chinese cosplayer, Xiàměi Jiàng, who has recently shared to the world her cosplay of Yae Sakura.

I’ve seen a lot of cosplays of Xiàměi Jiàng and one similarity I’ve noticed among her chosen cosplayed characters is fact that they are all from games which are actually pretty good and worth downloading. As someone fond of mobile games, I admit that even with all the noise Honkai Impact made on my Facebook newsfeed, I never once gave any thought of downloading it. Now, perhaps I might just give it a go and I have this cosplay to thank for it.

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