Bikini Time With Asuna Yuuki


In terms of popularity, we can assume that Sword Art Online’s Asuna Yuuki continues to remain among the favorite characters of cosplayers to portray. The year Sword Art Online was released, cosplays of its protagonists, namely Kirito and Asuna, filled almost all events that was being held during that year.

Recently, the character Asuna Yuuki has again earned another cosplay tribute. This time from Chinese cosplayer, AkI’s cosplay of the character deviates from the usual cosplay of Asuna, who was often times portrayed in her default Sword Art Online outfits and her ALfheim Online outfit. In this cosplay, we get to see Asuna out on the beach and in her bikini. Critics and purists will undoubtedly have their own biased opinions with regards to AkI’s portrayal of Asuna, however, it is reasonable to believe that either way, AkI is getting some the much-needed spotlight onto her cosplays.


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