Lushful Asuna Yuuki Cosplay


Sword Art Online is proving itself to be an anime that won’t be forgotten just yet. Its infamous character, Asuna Yuuki, again gets another tribute from cosplayer, Kumo Yuyake, in collaboration with Hp Photography .

In case you missed it, Sword Art Online (SAO) is one of the most talked about game-related anime that made a lot of impact within the cosplay community in the year that it was released. How so? Well, the anime was so popular that suddenly almost everyone in cosplay conventions wanted to cosplay the leading character that it was like seeing clones walking around the area.

Without spoiling anything, storywise, I would say it has a good plot and a premise. It’s one of those anime that gets you hooked from the beginning. However, like most viewers of this anime, I agree that as the episode number got higher the storyline kind of got dull and it felt like it could have been better. Nevertheless, I did not regret watching it and you should definitely give it a chance as well.


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