Seemingly Naive Mikan Yuuki Cosplay


Every time I write about cosplays of underaged characters coming from a PG18 anime I feel like I’m going to jail. Thankfully, the cosplayers aren’t jailbait. You can relax now too, because we’re not getting arrested.

In an anime that’s made up of cliched tropes for fanservice there really isn’t anything much you can expect from it except the mentioned. While there is not much to be said for the storyline or the plot of this anime as it is pretty much just mindless eyecandy (but still worth watching if you’re into this genre!), I don’t think we can say the same for the cosplays of characters from this. Cosplays can get creative and challenging, sometimes even age-defying. Take for example this cosplay of To Love-Ru’s cute little Mikan Yuuki by obviously not a minor cosplayer named Shizuku. It’s kind of strange and feels weird to think if this was actually cosplayed by a minor because of the kind of anime that this character is in, so I’d like to think of this as a grown-up version of the character who just happens to be parading in her school bag for kids. Not a lot of cosplayers take a chance in portraying a child’s character, so bravo to the beautiful Shizuku for taking up the challenge.


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