RocknRose Breathtaking Reflections and Improvisation


RocknRose is doing a follow-up to her Reflections and Improvisation show and seeing this live is just breathtakingly beautiful. RocknRose is a huge rock music fan and right now she is dancing sensuously to orchestral versions of classic rock hits like The Rolling Stones “Paint It Black”. Oops, I spoke too soon, she also has more recent tracks in symphony style such as Eminem “Lose Yourself”. RocknRose is incredibly sweet and I think she has training in traditional ballet. With her creative use of raver fairy fashion rainbow wings and a festival’s quantity of jewels, she has created a performance which is truly innovative and lovely to watch. This is only her second show in this style, but it is free tonight to set up a profile and friend her and watch the live performance and converse. If you can afford to tip, she has edited together a high resolution highlights video of her last performance in this style and hopefully this one will receive the same artistic treatment.

About Rock’n Rose

Hi, Im Luba. Thank you so much for taking the time to visit and look at my profile. Here you can find more information about me and what happens in my MFC room. Here I want to be the best possible entertainer for you, so I try to have new content and games all the time. I try to have new videos every month as well as games and monthly raffles. I also have super fun Clubs like the Generosity Club and the Rock’n Club.

Some more about me, I just LOVE rock music, so if you come to my room, you will often find me listening to some sort of rock or fun music. I also love to perform, so I train every day and work on making exotic and artistic shows very often. Check my weekly calendar or even better come by the room and ask me. I love making new friends and getting to know each one of you personally. Hope to see you soon.



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