Kess Shows a Bikini Looks Good Everywhere


Add a new one to my list of weaknesses: Rubber Bikinis. Yes, and I am sure you will share this particular weakness with me once you catch a glimpse of the fabulous Kess as she struts her lovely attributes and has you wondering what other things she can do to raise your pulse.

If you really want to know, though, you only need to continue watching this BlueBlood gallery, since it offers a suitable answer to those naughty questions you will be asking yourself when looking at each picture.

The background also works rather well, and Kess uses everything she can to boost the sensual nature of each one of her poses, which is something nice because there is an interesting level of interaction.

Kess makes me wish that RubberDollies appeared more often in videogames, since she would make a great addition to the Mirror’s Edge sequel, just pay attention to her flexibility.


And here is Kess, lensed by Lori Mann, showing off East Coast industrial sexiness and her lithe long flexible anatomy.
–Amelia G




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