The Art Of Tarot With Kess


Kess is driving me crazy in this BlueBlood set, but for all the right reasons.

First of all: she is wearing a corset, a shiny one, and it’s black! Corsets do not get better than that. Of course, it is not the corset itself, but who is wearing it, and Kess makes a superb job at presenting it with a seductive intention. Also, she is wearing thigh-high black boots with big belt buckles and that is something that caught my attention instantly and made me wish she had played Trinity in The Matrix trilogy.

Kess’ eyes look as if she was telling you how naughty you’ve been in the past, which is not at all unpleasant, since that makes you wonder what sort of BarelyEvil punishment she is cooking up for you.

Throw some Tarot cards in the mix once her clothes have all disappeared from her body, and you have a reading that you will never forget.



I’d like to introduce you all to Kess in this Lori Mann-lensed tarot deck set. Kess is a very appealing newcomer, so expect to see more of her soon.
–Amelia G




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