Head-turning Nero Claudius Cosplay


Have you ever seen a convention cosplay photo turn out so beautiful and scenic? This cosplay was shot in the middle of the convention crowd which proves that with the right equipment, the perfect timing, and creative juices, any place can be a cosplay photoshoot location.

It is true that most of the time people have this notion that to get a wonderful cosplay photoshoot, they should always have to be in an exclusive location but this cosplayer and photographer duo just proved to everyone that it is possible to get a scenic and dynamic shot from the convention venue given the right elements.

It was evident in the photos that Xiàměi Jiàng’s beautiful portrayal of Fate/Grand Order’s Nero Claudius coupled with her high-quality costume was a sure head turner for the folks passing by and thanks to photographer, Jiàozhǔ Shadow, this lovely cosplay has been immortalized through his photos.


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