Flexibly Astounding Morgiana Cosplay


Upon reading the title, Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic, I honestly did not expect much from it, call it judging the book by it’s cover – something you really shouldn’t do. Further more reading the synopsis of the anime made me think that this would just be another one of those fantasy type anime with lots of fan service. I was dead wrong. What I thought was supposed to be a childish light anime but it’s not. The anime is basically a unique retelling of the stories in Arabian Nights. The story focuses on two characters, Aladdin and Alibaba, and the adventures and their journey. The story is political and at times a bit dark.

One of the characters that has caught the attention of the viewers is Morgiana. A girl with a dark past being sold to slavery and abused by her captor. Despite this, she is physically agile, tough, and emotionally strong and she is beautifully portrayed in cosplay by Nosuchanchin (cosplay name), a Japanese cosplayer and dancer. She puts her flexibility to good use making her cosplays all the more in character.


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