Beautiful Chou’un Shiryuu Cosplay


To sum up the anime Ikki Tousen in two words it would be: fan service. That’s about it in my opinion. Aside from the story that was loosely based on “The Romance of the Three Kingdoms”, we’ve got girls kicking arse and getting naked mid battle as main characters. The anime starts out as a bit confusing at first but interesting in the long run.

Putting aside the plot, the art and the character designs were pretty decent which is probably why quite a number of cosplayers have taken to recreating these 2D designs and bringing them to reality like this cosplay of Chou’un Shiryuu done by cosplayer, Qing Qing Zi. From her emotion, her silver hair, the bangs, her eyes that are rarely seen because Chou’un always keeps them closed, to the uniform and even down to the pantyshot, I can say I see Chou’un’s character in this cosplay through and through. Excellent work!

Chou’un Shiryuu is one of the highest ranked fighter in the anime. Though strong and tough, she has quite the kind heart. She’s loyal to her school and carries out her mission without question.


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