2B Cosplay Aesthetically Beautiful


If you’ve never quite got into the NieR: Automata hype when it came out, it’s not too late to get on the cult train. The open-world, action-adventure, role playing game that has reached a 1-million-copies milestone just after a month from being released is still everywhere on social media; unsurprisingly, more visible and talked about in cosplay-related threads or websites.

While darkly bizarre and post-apocalyptic storylines certainly appeal to most of the gamers, the same cannot be said as for the appeal of the character costumes to cosplayers. Some of the games character designs are not for everyone when it comes to cosplay, however, some cosplayers dared to make masterpieces of a cosplay tribute.

One such example is this beautifully shot and location-wise elegant cosplay by Nessarose. Thanks to her dedication and love for the character design, her fans get to see her portray NieR: Automata’s protagonist, YoRHa No.2 Type B, who is more commonly known as “2B”.


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