Cosplayer Takes To The Streets In 2B cosplay


As of June 2019 Nier: Automata has sold over 4 million digital and physical copies. Proof that this game’s popularity isn’t going away anytime soon. To this date the game’s characters are still widely cosplayed due to the characters’ appeal and the game’s popularity.

The game has plenty of other cosplayable characters but the character named 2B is undoubtedly the most cosplayed character since the release of the game Nier: Automata and believe it or not both men and women have chosen this character to cosplay. With that said, here’s another wonderful 2B cosplay that’s gaining attention over at the Chinese version of Twitter called Weibo. These cosplay images not only circulated around Chinese social media but also on Facebook cosplay pages and on Instagram and was received enthusiastically by fans of the game.

Cosplayer: 兔奶糖
Photo: 但丁聚


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