Well This Sure Escalated Quickly!


Seems like the post-apocalyptic genre hasn’t gone out of the trend in 2020, despite the apocalypse, and this fact clearly evident when the game, Nier: Automata, made it’s worldwide release in March 2017 and has gained extensive praise overall.

Expectedly, whenever a game of this caliber is out, cosplay is never far behind. Call it jumping into the bandwagon if you will, but I’m pretty sure plenty of people are thankful these cosplayers did. Because who wouldn’t want to see their beloved characters from the game be brought to life through the portrayal of cosplayers with the help of talented photographers? That said, here’s a group cosplay photoshoot of Nier: Automata’s 2B and A2, cosplayed by Ashley TW as A2 and Chihiro as 2B. This photoset was skillfully photographed and post processed by the talented LKO, who has also done photoshoots of other cosplayers portraying the same characters.

What do you think of their cosplay? Let us know!


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