Pussykittiy’s Double Cheerleading Fun


You know how there are certain games that are fun to play solo, but they become increasingly more entertaining when you try them co-op?

Well, keep that in mind, and apply the concept to this sexy show, because pussykittiy and prettykittyi are coming together to shower us with sights of mischievous allure, and since they are both dressed up as sexy cheerleaders, the joy and fun of the stream increases dramatically.

Their interactions are amazing. They first show us their cheerleading skills separately, and then they come together for the true co-op portion of the experience, which gets real intense real fast, making for one of those cheerleader practices that does feel like a party where these two gorgeous ladies double our fun in many creative ways that make me think that, if this were an actual video game experience, it would be definitely set to “hard”.

pussykittiy writes:

Naughty kitties love to have fun


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