Yolanda is back in black (and spikes)


Amelia G and Forrest Black bring Yolanda back and this time she is wearing some kick butt shoes and a very ouchy looking top. Her hair, as always, stands out nicely in these shoots. Some models use every inch of their body to give expression; for Yolanda, this means her hair. I am a fan of the pinks and off reds in her hair. I think they balance the rest of the shoot out color-wise. The shoes are a great black criss cross item that creep only up to her calf, but they have to add about 4 inches to her height. The shoes are killer, but her top could do some damage. When some girls say they hugging them might be hurtful, well, in this case it would be darn right unpleasant. With spikes coming out of her sides and hair, Yolanda dares you to come closer. You know, this might be what Queen meant by pain being so close to pleasure.


Yolanda is always creative with her fashion and Diva Luxe was kind enough to make the hair extensions for this shoot by yours truly and Forrest Black
–Amelia G


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