Yolanda in chain with brass knuckles


I haven’t seen brass knuckles in a decade. I think the last time someone pulled those out on me was a pool hall in Las Vegas. The person didn’t look anything like Yolanda. Amelia G and Forrest Black have a pretty active shoot with Yolanda. The knuckles are actually just the tip of the iceberg for this one. Everything from here shoes to her hair is made to look gorgeous. I dig the orange for the hair. I think gingers have a bad rap and having Yolanda represent like that brings a warmth to my heart. I mean, finger up, knuckles out, a spike collar hair, chainmail and a snarl? That’s the start of a promising date.


Yolanda (and Peter Thomas) actually hooked me up with this chainmail after this shoot Forrest Black and I did of her in it. Diva Luxe contributed the hair for Yolanda, so everybody ended up better-accessorized at the end of the day.
–Amelia G


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