The Fae Champion goes back to nature


The wonderful and mystical Fae is represented here by Cosplay-Mate. I know I’ve said this a lot, but I really like the costumes they have for their models. This one pops with colours and, the best part–to me–is something you can’t see until she strips off those robes.

First things first though, I really like this model. She looks great in and out of her costume and the heels she wears (don’t forget the striped stockings!) look fantastic on her. She has the legs to pull this look off. She also has the attitude. There is one picture where she starts to expose her red bra and milky skin and it is her attitude that carries the picture. Oh, and that same model does a great smiling photo where she is on her elbows. I love to see dimensions of the person come through in a shoot and, although I can’t show you my favorite picture with her smiling, it does go a long way with me in connecting to this piece. Sure, I’m a D&D geek and most of this excites me just by looking at it, but it isn’t until I see that smile that this shoot really goes to the next level. Cosplay-Mate, as usual, has the ability to pick the perfect model for the job. A job well done by all involved, I might add.


Lost in her own dreams, she lived a simple life. After finding her now-companion fae, she was transported in a magical world for centuries where she played and laughed. After returning, she found that everything she knew changed.

Still a child at heart, she joined a famous league to play with all the other champions. Now guess what kind of games she can play with someone close to her once her curiosity ignites?


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