Lazy Town goes Nude


I am not really sure what a LazyTown is, but I have to say that any model in pink is sight for sore eyes. Of course it doesn’t hurt these eyes that the model in question for Cosplay Erotica’s Devorah. Devorah, if you haven’t seen her before, is very pretty in pink. She brings a lightness to the shoot that is missing in a lot of spreads these days. It looks like she is having a blast and that’s great because the 56 photoshoot does go into showing her better–to best–assets.

One picture that I thought about showing, but the NSFW monster whacked me aside the head, included her throwing a bit of attitude our way–attitude mixed with slightly ripped nylons around her posterior. I guess it might have showed a bit too far into that posterior and we settled on the heart picture below. To make it up though, I am going to include the picture of her slightly biting on her finger. Mind you now, these are the pictures that I can show you and there are a lot that are really hot that just aren’t for a general audience. I will say this though, in case you are wondering, Lazy Town mustn’t have a dress code because, as pretty in pink as she is, she looks so much better in her birthday suit.


Stephanie is a fictional main character from the television show LazyTown. She inspires the citizens of LazyTown to stay active and fitt. Model is Devorah.



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