Devorah Will Make You Work Up A Sweat


Devorah, from CosplayErotica, is Stephanie from the LazyTown. And, she is here because she wants you to get active and get fit. And, from the looks of things, you’ll need to be to keep up with the gorgeous woman. I don’t care how lazy you are, if this woman was asking you to move along with her you’d get right up off the couch just to get a chance at seeing her jump up and down and move around.

They couldn’t have picked a better woman to take on this cosplay. Devorah has the body of a gymnast and the face of a model. She’s the type of girl that can make you work up a sweat without doing any exercise. One look at that amazing figure of hers or her gorgeous smile will have you all hot under the collar. Add in the cute pink hair and you have a girl that can get anyone’s lazy butt off the couch.

Stephanie is a fictional main character from the television show Lazy Town. She inspires the citizens of Lazy Town to stay active and fitt. Model is Devorah.


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