Ao Tsuki’s and Deme’s Nostalgic Cosplay


Feeling a bit nostalgic seeing this? This beautiful cosplay is of Sailor Neptune (Cosplayer: Ao Tsuki) and of Sailor Uranus (Cosplayer: Deme) from the anime called Sailor Moon.

If you’re a 90s kid, chances are you’ve encountered the anime Sailor Moon on TV. In 2014 Toei Animation started airing Sailor Moon Crystal, a remake of the anime that is said to be more a more accurate adaptation of the comic book where it was based on. The show gained quite a number of positive feedback from the fans but there were also a bunch of negative comments and expression of dissatisfaction with the remake. Regardless of what kind of fan reaction they had, this only drew more attention to the show and Sailor Moon has once again become a household name within every otaku’s home. Of course, as a result, unsurprisingly cosplays of the show’s characters start to trickle through social media.


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