Love and Justice Sailor Moon


“For Love and Justice, the pretty sailor suited soldier Sailor Moon! In the name of the moon I will punish you!” Girl OR EVEN Boys wouldn’t forget this very popular character Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon is Usagi Tsukino’s Senshi identity. She is the de facto leader of the Solar System Sailor Senshi. This is the first animated depiction of the original manga character created by Naoko Takeuchi.

The long blonde hair that is often sported in the odango hair style. the sailor fuku with a blue skirt, red boots and ribbons, and white gloves with red ends. The hair with white pins and red disk barrettes on the buns, the moon-shaped earrings and the various mystical broaches on her collar. The cosplay really brings this very nostalgic feeling of childhood from this shoot AND YES even though I’m a straight guy, Sailor moon was one of my childhood with other anime such as naruto, bleach, one piece, doraemon and etc. What’s more is that the effect and editing applied on the shoot, the one with the galaxy themed background really brings this sailor senshi vibe a lot more.

Now our cosplayer for today is one of Milligan Vick‘s model Pauline. Milligan is a professional photographer, make up artist, graphic artist who knows a lot of model or cosplayers who she can collaborate with either making a costumer with or for her and doing the photoshoot and lightroom editing. See for yourself the expression, the costume, the hair, the body feature of the model really matches the character. For all I can say this is one of Milligan Vick’s masterpiece. View more of Milligan Vick’s work at her website and don’t forget to follow her twitter.


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