Black and Magenta Gothic Valentine


Goth icon Razor Candi looks sensuous and lovely, but she has busted out the gloomy gothic tropes for Valentine’s Day. Her hair is half magenta and half black. Her sumptuous elegant surroundings are picked out in the same color scheme. Even her roses and candy heart and color-coordinated. From the intro to the set on, I see that she did some arts and crafts to have a black rose and a half black heart. Happy black-hearted Valentines Day, Razor Candi!

razorcandi heartbreaker valentines day

razorcandi heartbreaker valentines day


It’s that time of the year again! Time for candy, time for roses, time for love… or broken hearts for some. This year I wanted to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a set shot a little more on the dark side. Sometimes it’s not all about love and bliss but sadness and loneliness so I painted up my heart lolly to match my split tone locks and painted one of my roses black to match the mood. This set is meant to be more of a nostalgic romance shrouded in bitter passion and seduction. You are my hopeless prey and I am the one who will fervently break your heart 😉


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