Sail on Melodie


GodsGirls brings us a blue haired (carpet =/= drapes by the way) sailor as Melodie. She is on a really really really really big and fuzzy red chair. The chair looks like it should have PeeWee sitting on it with a razor and some dye. The outfit is on the skimpy side and that works really well for this shoot. What I really wanted to show everyone is the picture of her doing a wide leg splits on that chair, but, alas, she had a nipple poking out to say hello to us and thusly, NSFW. There are still some cool shots that I can show you, but you know the drill. If you want to see her slink out for some shore leave, then you have to get yourself to the gallery.

If you do make your way to her gallery, don’t forget the leg split picture and also just about all of the last page is very much worth looking at.

Melodie, nihon kaigun



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