The Fae Champion takes a relaxation break


You are about to see how big of a WoW nerd I am in

Okay, confession time. When I saw the description, I immediately thought it said “she keeps a close eye on her critical ignites”. Yeah. So, I play a mage (since Beta, but I think Monk is the way for the next xpac). All that means is when I see another mage, I can connect a bit more to the model and her possible source material.

Okay, so maybe I can’t, but it sounded darn good. Besides, the way this Fae Champion goes at it for Cosplay-Mate, the only thing I need to connect to is the internet. There is something about the slender angles this model produces that really turns me on. I loved her action in this movie and I think she looks fantastic with the costume and, as you will see later, without the costume too.

For some girls the costume makes the model, for this particular model it is her making the costume work. She could wear next to nothing (and she does) as long as she keeps up her great mystery.


Lost in her own dreams, she lived a simple life. After finding her now-companion fae, she was transported in a magical world for centuries where she played and laughed. After returning, she found that everything she knew changed. Still a child at heart, she joined a famous league to play with all the other champions. Now guess what kind of games she can play with someone close to her once her curiosity ignites?


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