Yukari Sendo is fantastic in purple


This shoot by Cosplay Mate is part Mad Hatter and part puritanical. I think I say Mad Hatter because of the connection to the colour schemes and the, well, huge hat. But this shoot is more, isn’t it? It goes into a great exploration of the exposed puritanical in such a way to reflect the forbidden messages that people cypher through every day of their lives while they try to balance their inner self with the outer societal self. Yes, I taught philosophy. You got me, but you take a look at this Cosplay Mate spread featuring Yukari Sendo and tell me if you don’t start getting philosophical.

The shoot features the petite Yukari Sendo. She is slender looking and has a few tattoos, but her main feature is her smile. I had a lot to pick from for the featured image, but darn if that smile doesn’t beat all. Now, I have to confess, I do love her smile, but there is a tattoo on her leg (the one opposite of the unicorn dream catcher) and from what I can see, it looks amazing. I’ve never wanted to see a model naked so badly (and, of course, just for pure scientific investigation of her tattoo, right?) to see that last inch uncovered than I have with Yukari Sendo. She really exemplifies the ability to leave people wanting more by not exposing everything at once. She gets naked, mostly naked, and she has a great body, but the key to this shoot is what remains covered. The mystery of it and the over-grasping arch of that puritanical hand.

yukari sendo1


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