Diana Knight with sword and horn


Chad Michael Ward brings Diana Knight for our viewing pleasure. Diana Knight plays the role of a warrior quite well. Everything in this shoot for BlueBlood works for me: The model, the costuming, the background, the lighting, the everything. First, let’s start with the sword. I am not sure who made it, but I dig the design. It is detailed enough and Diana Knight holds it so that it isn’t just another prop, but something to examine in the photo. I love the mix of black into the sword; it makes the sword look like something out of a fantasy novel; in fact, this entire shoot has that feel.

Diana Knight’s expression, hair, and body all work hard in this shoot. The horn on her head can’t be light and yet she poses with such a defiance it is hard not to believe she could step right into a Conan movie and feel at home. That is actually my first thought when I saw this photo: Conan needs another movie and Diana Knight needs to be cast.


This particular series is hot warrior babe-oriented, but I know you’ll all be pleased to know the lovely Diana Knight graces the cover of the new Hot Pirate Babes calendar. As always, Blue Blood girls are covergirls!
–Amelia G


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