Diana Knight wielding a huge battle axe


I’ve heard people refer to their mother-in-laws as a battle axe, but I doubt they ever pictured one so big. In this shoot by Chad Michael Ward, Diana Knight has a battle axe that is almost as big as she is. This thing looks gnarly too. I mean I think one of Hill Tribe leaders from Game of Thrones is missing his weapon. Oh, Timett, son of Timett, how you’ve never looked better. All Game of Throne references aside (read the books!), Diana Knight gives a whole new meaning to badass in this shoot. She is topless in a lot of these photos, so I suggest you get home from work and dial this bad-boy up. If you like well built women holding huge weapons, then you need to see this entire shoot.

One quick note on the costume: The added dagger effect on the gloves is a great idea. It not only adds color to the shot, but it also adds a sense of depth to the costume in general. I don’t know who designed this outfit, but major props to them!

diana knight battleaxe

Continuing our women with weapons theme, we have the glorious Diana Knight with a giant ornate battle axe. Diana is one of the goddesses of the fandom world. She has played muse for so many painters and photographers and other artists, she is amazing. So definitely expect to see more of her in Blue Blood’s new Erotic Fandom division.


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