CynCynCyn hits up GTA5


I was just complaining that “gamer” models rarely game and then I come across Cyn Cyn Cyn. Her room is full of people and she is playing a bit of split action Grand Theft Auto 5. It is actually a pretty cool concept to have people either watch, or if they are lucky enough, play with CynCynCyn. I am learning a lot about CynCynCyn while she plays. That’s why I like seeing people in a more relaxed environment because it allows them to be people and not just their “on” for the camera persona. One of the things I am learning is that I have found someone who is equally bad at driving in GTA5 as I am and I found someone who is as fascinated by running over people in the game as I am too.

Let’s face it, running over people in the game is the reason why I played GTA 1-4. Running over them is a mini-game onto itself.

As CynCynCyn looks for hookers to run over, I will leave you with the screenshot so I can get back to watching and maybe playing a bit myself of this action.


Name: CynCynCyn
CamScore: 4932.4
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
Tags: teen, cute, petite, brunette, tease, gamer, goodmusic, videos, striptease, dancer, baddancer, ass, tits, fuck, yay


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