Post-Election blues? Get the Ultra Happy Alarm Kawaii Audra book!


Everyone’s favorite bowl of cereal swimmer (and pumpkin poser) is coming out with a book. Many of us know her as ‘Dorothy’, but Audra is the name for the book. What book you might ask? THE fricking coolest book ever! I love the concept of this book. This book will combine her drawings with her personal photos and her professional modeling work. Think about this–you know that any one of these three would be enough to fill a book of yummy goodness and she’s giving us all three in one book.

We know her BlueBlood shoots are amazing, right? But did you know she’s a really darn good artist? I’ve looked over a few of her drawings (and I already have my favorite….peace sign tongue sticking vamp? Are you kidding me? LOVE IT!) and they are all really really what this world needs right now. If you ever wanted a way out of those post-election blues, this is the project for you.

Oh, did I mention that Blue Blood’s Amelia G is kicking this awesome project off on Kickstarter and Forrest Black is going to be behind the design structure force? Do you need a bigger stamp of approval than this? Have you ever seen one BlueBlood project that wasn’t killer? Honestly, can you name one thing that Amelia G and Forrest Black did that wasn’t abso-fricken-lutely out of this world? Neither can I. This book is going to be an amazing collection of art from a rather super sweet person (and she’s pretty darn talented, to boot!).

I’m going to leave you with a few photos to connect you with the model and the artist that has brought so many smiles to our faces. Again, your demented uncle Jim puts his money where his mouth is. If you see me reviewing a Kickstarter project that’s because I am behind it 100% and I’ll push and keep pushing until it’s funded. I love art. I think art is the only thing keeping this universe together and I completely dig BlueBlood’s push for new art in the world. Oh, and can you seriously say ‘no’ to Audra? Just check out the video she made for the project. I’m pretty sure (don’t quote me) God kills a kitten every time someone refuses to help with this book.

Don’t be that guy/gal. It’s a button push. It’s the price of a round of drinks in most places. Don’t make God kill kittens. Don’t let 2016 win. We need more art in this world, and Audra’s art dares us to be glum. I am probably the most morose, internally f’d, person I know and even I have to smile when I see her work.

Click on through, push play, and check out some of her art.

About this project

I like to make people happy and cheer people up. When I was growing up in Kansas, I didn’t have much, but I always could have a paper and pen. So I started making art to be able to give to my friends and make them happy.

I love to bring art and loud happy colors to everything I do, so I have brought my colors and cuteness to both my everyday way I dress and my collaborative professional photo shoots. That is why I got the nickname Happy Alarm. I’d love to release a beautifully produced coffee table book showcasing my colorful style and illustrations and modeling. The book will be a combination of my drawings, my personal photos of my adventures, and professional modeling photos.


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