Dorothy shows some pumpkin love


Ever wonder what Harley Quinn would do with a pumpkin? Blueblood’s Forrest Black and Amelia G give us a bit of Halloween showcase in the GothicSluts department and Dorothy is in rare form. This shoot is a bit of the reverse shoot as Dorothy starts out naked, with a knife, and by the time all is said and done, she’s clothed with a snazzy and multicolored wardrobe that matches her hair.

As I look through these photos, I see a lot of cool pumpkin posing that is NSFW. I really love the energy here and the way Dorothy really just likes to get messy. Not only does she get messy, but she gets right to point in carving that pumpkin. The end result is used to support her naked body and provide some rather great shots that are almost safe for work. Almost.

Energy is not just the only thing here, as the shoot has a lot of cool factor, too. I really found the scenes where she is dripping the pumpkin guts (Brraaiiiiiinnnnss!) into her mouth. I think I might be liking those photos a bit too much…and a fetish is born. Have a look for yourself, I got to include one of those shots and there really is just something about that pose that strikes erotic.

As for Dorothy herself, what’s not to love? Adorable hair with a great smile (Gorgeous eyes! I mean, look at the way they pop in this set with those spiderweb lashes!) and someone who looks like she had a ton of fun. Oh, and dig those spandex pants. I’m all sorts of jealous (I got my fashion sense from David Lee Roth and these pants would definitely have gone in my rotation…). There’s even some cool shoe work going on, but you’ll have to discover that picture (oddly, a SFW photo) yourself.

If you like pumpkins; if you like really amazing models having clean fun; or if you just want to see some hot pumpkin spice, then you really need to check out this photoshoot. It’s a ton of photos and you will not be disappointed (like you ever could be with Blue Blood). Bonus points if you can look at these photos without noticing the wall has fur…

Edit: As Halloween rolls around again, we are very excited by all the rewards of the Ultra Happy Alarm art book and stickers and T-shirt project!

It’s our favorite time of year over here at BlueBlood’s GothicSluts and I’m really happy we have adorable amazing fun people to celebrate with. In addition to Halloween appreciation, Dorothy loves making a mess! So, who better to kick off the pumpkin carving festivities! Amelia G and I just got some much needed photo equipment upgrades and this is the first set posting from the new setup. There are lots of great new sets we’re very excited about to look forward to on their way! Happy Halloween season!


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