Annalee Belle shows Love in chainmail


Amelia G and Forrest Black bring a dazzling Annalee Belle to our screens. There is a lot visually going on in this shoot, so let me try to peel the layers like a sunburn. First off all, that chainmail does look pretty good. I mean it not only accentuates her pink hair, but it is well woven too. I two friends who made chainmail and they both really love the design Annalee Belle is wearing. The rest of her RenFaire outfit works pretty good with her body and shape. With all of that said, I really want to focus on some of her ink. I enjoy BlueBlood’s models a lot because they are not cookie-cutter models (you know the type). Each of them has something unique to offer, and Annalee Belle has some darn good ink designs. I especially love her “Love” tattoo. What other way can a person say how much they Love except with a handgun, a grenade, a switch blade, and some rounds.


True story: A long time ago, I worked at the Maryland RenFaire. A pony named Penny broke my toe. I guess the Faire people didn’t do whatever you have to do for workmen’s comp and I was a broke young punk rocker, so I just taped it up with masking tape for a few weeks. The pony was technically named Penny, but we called her WidowMaker.

Anyway, here is a sensual series of the lovely Annalee Belle showing off her renfaire style garb. I’m going to see if Annalee Belle recalls where she got the lovely chainmail hair decoration and update with that info, if I find out.


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