Pink Haired Pirate Beauty Shows Her Booty


Blueblood brings us Raven Le Faye as seen through the lens of Amelia G and Forrest Black. This pirate comes complete with a pink hair set that matches her pink nipples. Raven Le Faye is the feminine version of the pirate. Her wardrobe suggests as much with the heels (huge spikes by the way) and the leather belts with the sparkly skull buckle. The background gives a feeling of safety and security which is good because the model’s clothing is vaporizing in front of the camera (in a good way). She pulls off a sensual pirate look very well and I think this is what K. K. should have went for in the Pirates franchise. Maybe next round, Raven Le Faye should be brought in for the reboot. Speaking of boots, I can’t imagine having to be on a ship with those heels. Yowza!

eroticfandom raven le faye pirate

eroticfandom raven le faye pirate

I know International Talk Like a Pirate Day is not until the 19th, but we are just so excited for it that we had to start the festivities now. Here is gorgeous pink-haired Raven Le Faye, bringing elegance to the Captain’s wheel. The sword was requisitioned buccaneer style from the U.S. Military. Forrest Black and I shot two pirate sets for this year, so, don’t worry, we’ll have another around the actual day too!
–Amelia G


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