Swashbuckling Tattooed Pirate Babe


BlueBlood presents Zelda Sidhe as the pirate babe with an attitude (PBA? Sounds like a beer for golfers). Amelia G and Forrest Black bring in the goods with this shoot. First off, the colours, as always, pop right off the screen. I love Zelda Sidhe’s hair in this. A ginger appeal is a great appeal and the costuming is spot on with poofy sleeves, svelte legs, a bandana, hat, huge hoop rings and, of course the boots and dirk. What I love about BlueBlood is that they don’t stop at just a costume, but the entire background is used. As you can see a few skeletons appear (one by a chest and the other on her chest).

Zelda Sidhe looks great dressed in pirate garb, but she looks amazing when most of the garb (lose the dress, keep the shoes, as Roth would say). There is one picture that I can’t show you (NSFW) that involves her leaning backwards in a maiden pose with the very great green and yellow bandana highlighting her orange hair. This pose not only shows her pierced nipples, but it also demonstrates that even swashbuckling pirates can be sensual.


I’m really happy with this spacial update, celebrating Talk Like A Pirate Day. I feel like we got to match the perfect location with Zelda’s costuming talents an come up with a series that does the holiday right. I also love that I have friends with houses that just happen to be decorated as well appointed pirate coves! Zelda makes the life of a pirate look pretty cool too! Arrrr!
~Forrest Black


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