Josepha the Pirate Princess

GodsGirls presents Josepha the Pirate Princess. I’m not sure if it her pouty lips, the eye patch, the very grand pirate chest, or the pearls, but something really does it for me in this shoot. Of course I get to pick the photos I show you (within reason, I’m looking at you “at work” boy!). There are some really good pouty poses for Josepha here and her wardrobe is actually quite simple. What sets it off from the others is the jewelry. Like all good women, she is proudly displaying her pearl necklace. The photo I could show of this busty busty lass (I said it twice because, well, look at her pop out of her top!) includes her pouty lips and the pearls going through into her mouth. She did have a few photos of sexuality with the pearls, but I think this one demonstrates the best (of what I could show you, I mean there is one of her lips around the pearls, sucking with her teeth, while her exposed breast lays open to the world, but I can’t show you that one).

Special note, that full frontal tattoo of the owl there? Well, the design is a dark intricacy mixed with red light overtones. Extra credit for the first person to correctly name the designer.


Description : Babe, ahoy! Feast ye eyes upon this treasure!


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