Francesca takes to the high seas


There’s nothing better than a pirate. Well, unless it is a blonde pirate from GodsGirls. Francesca is featured in this shoot and she puts on a bit of a pirate show. She looks like she walked right off the set from the Las Vegas sirens show outside of the Treasure Island. I like how she is situated in this set and what really works, beyond the cool costume that seems more velvet and silk than anything else, is how she can make us beg for more.

You should know by now how much I love ink. Well, my love for ink is about to pay off big time on this shoot. I can’t find safe for work pictures to show this, but there are several a bit more fleshy that show why Francesca is perfect for this shoot. If you can take a look at the picture I am seeing, not only will you see her slowly work off her panties, you will see a more than a few nautical tattoos that are full coloured and very well done. One such is a bit mid-thigh and another easy to see one is over on her left arm. Does she have more? Well, what’s the fun of me telling you everything! I will say that she has one near a very sensitive spot and it reads quite well.


Description : Drink up, me hearties!
This was Francesca’s debut set back on July 19, 2011. Today we revisit it to celebrate all things pirates!



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