Momoko Cosplays Goblin Slayer’s Beloved Priestess


Goblin Slayer – For a show that became popular because of its bad reviews from the non-Japanese community and Youtubers head on calling out its controversial scenes, that didn’t stop the cosplays from happening. In fact, this fueled it because of the anime’s popularity and in this case, “popularity” doesn’t always mean well-received. It can go a different direction but still be popular, just not for the desired reason. Hey, as they say in media, good publicity or bad publicity is still publicity. But cosplay can be a good publicity! So, here’s one of Goblin Slayer’s protagonist, Onna Shinkan, portrayed accurately by the cosplayer named Momoko(pseudonym).

As the priestess of the Goblin Slayer party, Onna Shinkan, is written to be your typical fragile blonde girl with a kind and helpful heart who easily gets hit with the feels that renders her vulnerable to extremely dangerous situations that is certain to lead to the annihilation of her party members. But she’s a cute damsel in distress so people can’t possibly hate her.


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