No Game, No Life


No Game, No Life is a very cool anime where the Hikikomori siblings (hikikomori means a person acute social withdrawal), Shiro and Sora, who are online game geniuses are transported to a world where everything is a about games — even when settling a conflict.

Sora and Shiro controls multiple online accounts known as “Blank”, who is known as a legendary player and other players think that it is only one person using the said legendary player. In reality, the siblings are the ones holding the account and Shiro sometimes uses a player as a healer. Both siblings can go on playing games for days without sleeping or getting up from playing.

Both siblings think that life is too boring for them and that their real world is the online gaming world. One day, they received an anonynomous e-mail and it seems that it knows who they are although they maintained their account as anonymous as possible.

They played a game of chess with the anonymous person and after a long time, Sora and Shiro was able to defeat that person. The person sent them another e-mail asking if they felt like they were born on a different world when they were meant to be born to a world that is all about game. The siblings thought about it and when Sora said that it is what they are also thinking, the monitors suddenly acted weird and they were sucked into the monitor.

They were transported into a whole new different world and the person they were talking and playing to is actually, Tet, a god from another reality. They were transported to Disboard, a reality world where everything is about games.

The cosplayer from the Philippines Yuuki Mina is cosplaying as Shiro and her boyfriend John Eric Ferranco as Sora.


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