Sword Art Online Update


After a long wait — finally! There has been an announcement for a Sword Art Online Movie: Ordinal Scale in 2017. This is where people thought that there will be finally a Sword Art Online real life game but then later clarified that it will be a Sword Art Online movie. Could’ve been better if it was a real life game but maybe we can wait a little longer until someone really develops a real Virtual Reality Sword Art Game but for now — the movie is still good news.

The definite date of the movie is yet to be announced and the season 3 of Sword Art Online is still under discussion. I’m sensing a reboot on this one but a reboot might be good. Sword Art Online game in the anime only lasted for one season and then the game changed on the second season. The idea of Sword Art Online’s world is so good! They should have developed a more compelling story than jumping off to a different game or world but who knows what they’re thinking? Maybe they have a big surprise in store for us.

The idea of the movie is yet another –surprise, surprise — a different game and world that Kirito and the gang will be venturing into. Based on their short trailer — this is the one which caused the confusion where people really thought that there is finally a Virtual Realty game developed that is Sword Art Online — our main characters will be dealing with the new game Ordinal Scale. What is Ordinal Scale? We don’t have any idea yet but I’ve got a feeling this is something good!


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