Sword Art Online Season 3: Alicization Arc


Swort Art Online is no doubt a phenomenal anime series that opened the minds of everyone to a whole new level of virtual reality gaming that led that inspire “Ready Player One”.

It’s very thrilling to know that Sword Art Online now has season 3, which gives room to the team to correct some of the flaws committed on the first two seasons. Personally, I find the first season more interesting than the second except for the fact that you’ll die in real life if you die in game.

It was years ago when Sword Art Online (SoA) started and realistically speaking, Kirito and Asuna (as well as the others) have grown older. Yes, in between real life and virtual reality, they have been adulting.

A lot of things has happened and are still happening so in order to research further to find out the secrets of NerveGear, SAO and why the inventory burned his brain on the process (as well as other lives), Kirito has to move to America (I think, USA?) to dive in with his team and asked Asuna to come with him.

Everything would have been perfect until the last member of the Laughing Coffin, Johnny Black, showed up and brought a death gun with him. For those who only started watching this season of Sword Art Online, here’s something from Wiki about the death gun. It may look like a staple wire remover but it’s a very deadly weapon.

Hopefully, our favorite virtual reality hero will survive this and NOT be comatosed like on season 1 (although most of their time they spend it on virtual reality anyway) and can only work through the virtual realm.


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