Playful Harley Quinn Cosplay by Emmalee Froehlich


Among famous DC villains, Harley Quinn never fails to leave a big impression on the viewers. Her playful yet crazy character, as well as her cheeky fashion sense is soo to love! No wonder, if you’ll scroll all of the blogs I’ve written for Sexyfandom, you’ll find a lot of Harley Quinn cosplays in the list.

Well, anyway, as I was browsing my Instagram feed, I came accross this gorgeously amazing cosplayer and I find her cosplays really interesting. Emmalee Froelich can literally translate the character not just through the costume but by the way she portrays the character itself in front of the camera. But what I really love the most while looking at her cosplay pictures was her Harley Quinn cosplays. You can see a lot of variety in her work which is really impressive.

These creative photos were taken by J.A.G. Cons. Photography, 3rdeyephocus, John Haas Photography, and The Nerdographer.


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