Erika Perez is A Sexy Scarecrow!


One of the most common characters that people love to cosplay every Halloween is the “Scarecrow”. It is also the most iconic and should I say the ultimate “Scarer” that you’ll usually see in every farm or wheat field.

Well, actually scarecrows aren’t meant to scare people, most especially the children. They are meant to discourage the birds like sparrows and crows from disturbing and eating the crops and newly cast seeds of our beloved farmers. Even though there have been pretty much a lot of tales, both good and bad, told about scarecrows, they continue to become popular over the years.

Here’s a very sexy Scarecrow Cosplay by Erika Perez. She’s so lovely I bet you’re gonna agree with me that she’s one of the most gorgeous and smokin’ hot scarecrow ever!




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