Victoria Summers Swings Into Your Life As Spider-Gwen


Spider-Gwen is one of Marvel’s hottest newer characters, and when Victoria Summers, from VR CosplayX, cosplays as her she takes “hottest” to an all new level. The citizens of New York can rest easy knowing that someone like Spider-Gwen is swinging around in their town in a skin-tight spandex suit. I’d say it’s a safe bet to say that her webs won’t be the only thing that’s sticking when she’s around.

This Spider-Gwen is way curvier than the one in the comics. And, while that may not be ideal for the acrobatic moved Spider-Gwen has to pull off, it’s a real treat for anyone catching a glimpse of this superheroine. This platinum blonde has these big eyes that would be captivating peaking at you from behind a mask.

You’ve been researching the Green Goblin for a while now. When Spider Gwen comes along and steals your notebook along with all your hard work, you’re initially pretty pissed, but all of a sudden she pulls your c**k out and puts it in her mouth. Nothing has ever got your Spidey senses tingling so damn much.


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