Raven Cosplay


Growing up a fan of all things DC super hero related it was impossible for me and countless other not to fall in love with Teen Titans. The show about a team of the greatest up and coming super heroes: Robin, Cyborg, Beast Boy, Starfire, and Raven. Raven was always my die hard favorite, who doesn’t love a goth girl with purple hair and mystical powers, who also happens to be the daughter of a demon?

Chelzor The Destroyer, also known as Chelsea, has made quite a few of my teenage dreams come true with her stunning Raven cosplay. Bringing the daughter of Azerath to live in all her brooding, secluded, sexy glory. Even giving us a peak at what the purple haired hero keeps hidden under robe with a little help from photographer BrentPic5. Looks like this demon daughter has a naughtier side after all.


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